ETC Design Centre

In our showroom in the ETC Design Centre in Culemborg, we have created an atmosphere that can best be described as “contemporary luxury”. In this inspiring environment you can experience the quality and comfort of our collection. In our showroom we have access to a wide range of fabric & leather suppliers.

On Mondays, the ETC Design Centre is only accessible for professional (B2B) use. For more information about the opening hours, please visit the website

It is possible to visit the showroom on another day. We would like to ask you to schedule an appointment with our head office.

Unfortunately it isn't possible to show our entire collection in our showroom in Culemborg. If you are looking for a specific model from our collection, please inform with our head office whether this model is available in our showroom. 


Tel: +31 (0) 497 55 51 77
Fax: +31 (0) 497 55 52 17


Macazz BV
Meerheide 268


ETC Expo
Randweg 20
4104 AC Culemborg
(Only interior-professionals)